Stone & Capobianco

Contract Preparation

There are several kinds of contracts for professional athletes and entertainers. They may be for long-term employment and commitment, or for only one performance, or the endorsement of a single product. But in every case, how much the client will be paid for his or her talents is just one of many factors to be considered.

The basic contract is a contract for personal services, and it must be written so that the terms are fair, and the client is not bound by unreasonable limits or restrictions on his or her personal or professional life. For a professional athlete or performer, the keys to success are to gain public exposure and to maintain a good public image. Some clients lose opportunities for exposure because their representatives pushed too hard for more money. Others suffer harm to their reputations because their advisors failed to take proper steps to protect their image.

The attorneys at Stone and Capobianco take all of these factors into account and are prepared to represent clients in successfully negotiating contracts in the following areas:

  • Professional sports
  • Music and recording
  • Literary and publishing
  • Royalty agreements
  • Television, film, and modeling

The attorneys at Stone and Capobianco will bring their experience in negotiating contracts to bear in order to obtain maximum exposure for their client and protect his or her public image so that they can take their careers to the next level and beyond.

Draft Preparation

Getting ready for the draft, but the offers and paperwork are just too overwhelming? Call Stone and Capobianco to help you get ready for this important decision. When considering any contract, make sure you are weighing all the most important options, not just the paycheck. Getting the exposure and support you need is a vital facet when getting ready for the draft.

Financing Planning (Referrals Only)

When you begin a new career, the sudden increase in financial assets can be difficult to manage without help. You do not want to make the mistake of mismanaging your money and jeopardizing your future stability. At Stone and  Capobianco, we can help ensure that you are secure and making safe decisions with your money.

Marketing & Endorsements

While getting the money you deserve is one important aspect of your contract, marketing and endorsements can be even more essential to get you the exposure you need for continued success and branding of yourself. Being a successful athlete in this day and age extends beyond the playing field or court. At Stone and Capobianco, we will fight for you to get the deal that you deserve and to have the marketing and endorsements that will help support your career as an athlete or entertainer. If you have any questions, please contact our firm today for a consultation. – we are available seven days a week. Call Today 772-781-4357.