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Child Support

Child support in Florida is designed to help give the child the most financially stable home possible. It is important for the child to receive the support that they require in order to maintain a safe and consistent residence. Parents rely heavily on the court system to help them and their children transition to this new part of their lives without a large change in lifestyle.

Stone and Capobianco can help with a wide variety of child support issues, such as: calculating child support based on financial and custody issues, changing current child support amounts based on changing financial conditions for one or both of the parents, or helping with the enforcement of current child support payments.

If you need help with a child support case, we are here to help with a decision in the child’s best interests. The children’s best interests are what drive all decisions made in the family courts in Florida.

The lawyers of Stone and Capobianco are able to help in cases that fall into the following categories:

o Establishment of Support
o Establishment of Paternity and Support
o Enforcement of Child Support Obligations
o Modification of Child Support Obligations


Now referred to by Florida family courts as timesharing, child custody can be devastating to children and parents, if handled improperly. The questions surrounding custody of children are often the most controversial facets of a divorce. It is imperative that your family experience the most comfortable transition possible. Due to the sensitivity of these issues, Florida family courts now refer to timesharing instead of child custody, and parenting plans instead of visitation.

Parents must take responsibility for the care of their children, whether they are together or apart. Children should be able to maintain a stable relationship with both mother and father, even in tumultuous times. While it may be difficult to handle, questions about where a child will live and how they will have access to parents who are no longer together can be emotionally and financially devastating to a family. In the vast majority of situations, it is preferred that both parents are actively involved in the life of their child. At Stone and Capobianco, we weigh all of the factors that go into determining parental responsibility and timesharing.

Divorce Attorney

Half of all marriages end in divorce. As a result, most people have been a part of or witnessed the devastation that can occur due to divorce. It can be stressful and emotionally exhausting. The legal process surrounding divorce can be challenging and frankly, a little frightening; however, the attorneys at Stone and Capobianco will help guide you through this journey. Everyone can benefit from getting the right advice at the right time. Even in the simplest situations, hidden complications can arise and you need to be ready for that. Divorces come in all shapes and sizes. Some are much more complex than others. If your marriage involves significant assets or property disputes, you need an experienced attorney to help you through the process.

Hiring the lawyers at Stone and Capobianco can help achieve the best possible outcome, financially and otherwise.

If you are considering or involved in a divorce, contact Stone and Capobianco to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal needs and how we may be able to help. Our office accepts all major credit cards.

The attorneys at Stone & Capobianco, specialize in all types of Family law including Divorce, Paternity, Custody Issues and Child Support. Six Secrets to a Successful Divorce

  1. Start putting money away for your legal services.
  2. inventory all of your marital & non-marital Papers.
  3. Open a new checking & savings account.
  4. Establish a new mailing address.
  5. Change benefits on life insurance.
  6. Change your Will, Power of Attorney & Medical directives.


Whether you are a father looking to take an active role in your child’s life or a mother seeking help with child support proceedings, selecting an attorney who has experience with paternity issues is an important part of the process. At Stone and Capobianco, we have the experience you need to be successful in cases relating to paternity. The issue of paternity can lead to difficult situations for the parents and children involved.

There are many different circumstances in which paternity issues can arise. Sometimes a father refuses to acknowledge paternity or to pay child support. A mother may challenge the paternity in question and refuse contact with the father. There are also times when an enforcement order is necessary to make sure a child is receiving the necessary financial support. We understand how these factors can affect the areas of child support and child custody.

There are many steps involved in establishing or disestablishing paternity and the attorneys at Stone and Capobianco have experience in making the process more efficient and consistent.

If you are involved in a paternity case, contact the lawyers at Stone and Capobianco to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs and how we may be able to help. Our office accepts all major credit cards.

The attorneys at Stone & Capobianco, specialize in all types of Family law including Divorce, Paternity, Custody Issues and Child Support. If you have any questions, please contact our firm today to schedule a consultation. Call 772-781-4357 today