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Pedestrian Accident Attorney


Pedestrian accidents are more common than you think. In fact every 1 in 10 motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian and, as a result, they make up 11 percent of all fatalities involving vehicles.

Distracted and careless drivers are to blame for a majority of pedestrian accidents. Texting while driving is a national problem and taking one’s eyes off the road for mere seconds can result in a devastating injury to runners, cyclists, and people walking near the roadside or in a crosswalk.

More pedestrians are killed or injured due to crossing roads either at busy intersections or stepping out between parked cars than any other cause.

When pedestrians survive an accident, they frequently come away with catastrophic injuries, including broken bones, dislocated joints, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries.

When a pedestrian is involved in a motor vehicle accident they are at risk for countless serious injuries. Pedestrians’ head, legs, and arms are the most vulnerable in an accident, they could also suffer serious head injuries, permanent brain damage, debilitating spinal cord injuries, severe fractures or broken bones and potentially fatal internal organ injuries.

Pedestrians are killed every day due to a driver’s negligence. Some common negligent practices by motorists include:

Inattentive or pre-occupied drivers are potentially very dangerous for pedestrians.
A driver’s failure to observe posted speed limits can add to the severity in a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident.
A driver’s failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians at marked cross walks can increase the chance of being involved in a pedestrian / motor vehicle accident.
A driver’s disregard for traffic lights and signs can also increase the chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.


Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

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