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The Law Office of Stone & Capobianco is a professional limited liability corporation located in Stuart, FL, and was originally founded in 2002. The firm’s practice is devoted primarily to criminal law, family law, personal injury, and Sports & Entertainment. The firm employs a support staff that includes legal secretaries, paralegals, investigators, and clerical workers who work together as a team. When litigation is inevitable, our attorneys have the experience and qualifications necessary to successfully represent clients in federal and state courts.

It’s time to choose a law firm that knows how to protect your rights, that will work to get you compensated for your injuries, and that will defend you in your disputes. We give them the support and guidance our clients deserve. 

We pursue Justice.  For You.

We have been pursuing justice as partners in the law firm of Stone & Capobianco in Stuart, Florida since 2002. We work in four general areas of law.

Personal Injury 

If you were hurt because another person was careless, Justice means more than the money you need to cover your medical bills and living expenses while you recover. It also means compensation for long-term physical and emotional effects such as stress, pain, anguish and depression. Cases involving automobiles are among the most common forms of personal injury claims but negligent or distracted driving can also lead to truck accidents and motorcycle accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. You need a dedicated personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights and help seek maximum compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Marital/Family Law 

If you need help navigating the choppy waters of divorce, Justice means fair and balanced decisions about what will happen to your home and other assets, and who will take care of and support your children. Our client’s interests are vital to us. We respect and maintain their privacy and confidences. We understand and are sensitive to the strain associated with divorce. A client’s concerns are not trivialized, and we take great care to achieve the client’s overall goals with the utmost discretion.

Sports & Entertainment Law

If your goal is a career in professional sports or the entertainment world, Justice means getting a contract that reflects your true value as an athlete or a performer today, and providing for tomorrow. We provide athletes and performers with a full complement of legal services, including preparing and negotiating contracts, marketing and endorsement agreements, referrals for financial planning, and protecting intellectual property rights.

Criminal Defense

If your future is in doubt because you were charged with a serious crime, Justice means full protection of your rights as a defendant, and having your case heard without bias, prejudice or delay. You need the help of an attorney who specializes in defending people in the criminal justice system. We provide criminal defense representation to people charged with misdemeanors and felonies, including serious crimes such as assault and family violence, drunk driving and drug charges.

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